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Nanjing Chemlin Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.

Chemicals Trading,Custom-Synthesis & Manufacturi,Biological and Pharmaceutica...

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Founded in Dec. 1999, Nanjing Chemlin Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd(CHEMLIN) has been covering the business scope from trading of chemicals to custom-synthesis &amp; Manufacturing. CHEMLIN handles the item fields as: Solvents, speciallity chemicals, intermediates in pharmaceutical &amp; agrichemical, natural abstracts and bio-chemicals, etc.
Professionally involved in the R&amp;D and manufacturing capability, Chemlin R&amp;D center's key products include some AIPs, indoles, spiro rings, bridge rings,and pyridines, pyrimidines, quinolines, boronic acids derivatives and other heterocyclic compounds. We are specialized in the conventional reactions including Friedel-Crafts reaction, acylation, alkylation, reductive amination, Grignard, hydrolysis, addition, condensation, coupling reactions etc..
NANJING CHEMLIN will strive to establish strategy cooperation with customers from domestic market and overseas countries.
Remarks: All patent products will be limited to co... [Details]